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Welcome to AeU e-Library

Minimum browser requirement:
Firefox/ Internet Explorer

Recommended minimum screen resolution: 1024x768

By accessing AeU Knowledge Centre electronic resources you are agreeing to abide by both terms and conditions of the database suppliers and AeU Knowledge Centre policies.

For assistance with this or any other resource please email or call 03-2785 0090

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EZProxy?

EZProxy is a service which replaces today’s VPN solution for remote access to our library resources. The proxy server enables faculty and students to access all our electronic services from anywhere.

EZProxy is easier to run than VPN. We only need to direct the links on our website to the proxy server for authentication. A typical link will have the following prefix:

Afterward the user must log on with their Student ID No. and password.

What is the AeU e – Library EZProxy service?

The AeU e – Library EZproxy service is an innovative service to allow authorized users to access IP-restricted e-resources subscribed by the Library, databases, e-journals and e-books.

As the e-resources are licensed to AeU Library, users are required to use userid and password for authentication.

AeU Staff and students can access this service when they are on-campus or off-campus via the library web site at

When do I need to use the proxy service?

You need to use the EZproxy service if you are connecting to the library from off-campus or you are connecting on-campus but are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to connect to the web.

Do I need to set up EZproxy on my computer?

No. EZproxy doesn’t require any computer or browser setup.

Make sure you have the latest version of your web browser installed , and cookies must be turned on in your browser (IE, Chrome,Firefox, Safari, etc)

Which user name and password do I use?

Your username and password to access our AeU e – Library is your Student ID No. as Username and Identification Card No. (IC) / Passport No. (for International user) as password. Example as shown below:

       Username : M0127732606 (Student ID No.)

       Password : 810626085420 (IC No. / Passport No.)

What can I access?

At this time, EZproxy is used for providing AeU Staff and Students off-campus access to online resources (databases, electronic journals, ebook, past exam questions, etc) subscribed to by the AeU library. Almost all online library resources are made accessible to off-campus users this way.

I am Active student, but I still cannot access e – Library resources?

To access our AeU e – Library, you must to make sure your student status at AeU is ACTIVE – REGISTER by every semester. You need to register your subjects when entering new semester.

It is our library policy, students with other than ACTIVE – REGISTER status, they are NOT allowed to access our e – library. Kindly liaise with LSC Dept. by contacting them at 03 – 27850000.

I am a former student and still have my AeU User ID and Password but I cannot access your resources

This service is only available for Active - Register students. Alumni should liaise with Librarian for activation of new ID and Password (Terms and Condition apply).

I have logged on to PLS (Personalized Learning Space) / LMS but still can't access the electronic resources.

There's no connection between PLS (Personalized Learning Space) / LMS and the proxy server at the moment so you have to log on separately. Go to our AeU Library Website, and log in at e – Library access box.

I have read the whole FAQ and still have problems with EZProxy.

Send an email to call us at 03 – 2785 0090